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St Austell Choral Society

“Where music matters”

PAUL DRAYTON is a pianist, composer and conductor. He gained a music history degree at Oxford, followed by a B. Mus. in composition.

After six years as Director of Music at New College Choir School in Oxford he taught at Stowe School and Truro College.

His performances have ranged widely including the mainstream piano concertos, given informal lecture recitals and even appeared occasionally in a jazz trio.  He recently performed in a David Bowie tribute evening as the keyboard player.

He is also musical director of Duchy Opera, which recently premiered his opera The Hanging Oak.

He has enjoyed a particularly long relationship with The King’s Singers, who have just commissioned him to write a new work to mark the Queen’s jubilee.

Now living in Cornwall he is conductor of St. Austell Choral Society who gave the first performance of his cantata The Lady of Shalott.

His compositions have been published, performed and broadcast worldwide. His recent book Unheard Melodies, a light-hearted and non-technical guide to music, is available online at Amazon.com and his beginner’s piano guide Fun for Ten Fingers (OUP) has sold around 50,000 copies to date. His musical adaptation of The Hobbit, written for New College Choir School, was recently (2012) the subject of a Radio 4 programme.